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About Kyle

KyleBorn in 1986 in Swindon UK, and now residing near Truro, Cornwall, It was evident from an early age that Kyle had a fascination with abstract patterns of sound and was obviously absorbing anything and everything of a musical nature. However, despite him being a healthy young boy, Kyle could not relate to others around him, was non verbal and appeared to be living in a world of his own.

Around his third birthday Kyle was diagnosed with ‘Classic Autism’. As time went on Kyle retreated from the world leaving him unable to communicate and relate to anyone, finally enclosing him in a pervasive fortress of autism.

While growing up and showing islands of ability Kyle still remained unreachable at times, however he never lost his fascination and love of music, and with this medium and the sensitivity of music therapy, a doorway opened permitting him safe passage, enabling him to find his own musical expression.

Kyle ColemanUndetected for many years, Kyle had stored a latent musical ability, in addition to a vast repertoire of song lyrics in his memory, these were brought to life with the aid of his music therapist, and in due course, Kyle was reciting song lyrics with almost perfect pitch.

As his natural infinity with music grew it gradually opened up his world to other musical outlets and in 2012, at the age of 25, supported by the National Autistic Society (NAS) and  coinciding with World Autism Awareness Day, Kyle recorded and released his debut album, ‘Therefore I Am’, a collection of his favourite songs, featuring one track written especially for him, entitled ‘Just Listen’.

The response to the single and the album was simply quite unexpected and overwhelming, with articles in most of the UK national press, news broadcasts, and even featuring on CNN news in the USA! With over 200,000 hits on YouTube in just 2 days, most touching was the feedback received, much of which seemed to offer some hope to parents of non-verbal Autistic children the world over.

Since then, by request, Kyle has performed a few small gigs throughout the Southwest, including the Holifield festival, Royal Cornwall show, and New County Hall, Truro. He has made local radio appearances too!  Kyle’s confidence and communication skills continue to develop week on week as the boundaries of his abilities are expanded.

Kyle in the StudioA new album of diverse original material written especially for Kyle by Producer John Carter and Caroline Coleman and has been recorded during 2013 at April Media Productions, Plymouth, with the album launch set for 2nd April 2014 to coincide with World Autism Awareness Day.

Kyle has also started filming music videos throughout the Southwest UK for some of the songs to feature on the forthcoming album which he has thoroughly enjoyed.

Kyle’s passion for music and love of singing has not only be transformational it has been curative and continues to unfold the dimensions of Kyle’s musical ability daily, and the recording studio currently remains his most favourite place in the world to be!

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  • Louie CurleyLodge Says:

    Hi Kyle, Just listened to your CD Beyond The Syntax.. Cant describe it other than Brilliant!!!!. Such an interesting insight into the world of Autism. Thank you x

  • Denis Says:

    Well done Kyle ,I look forward to.hearing your CD , your an example to us all ,love and respect

  • autism mum :) Says:

    beautiful. …just beautiful !

  • Shannon Nicole Says:

    Wow! I am in tears because of all of these amazing comments. Kyle, I first read that you had autism and that you were normally non verbal. And then I watched a video of you singing your favorite christmas song (is what it said) and I automatically just felt such an overwhelming feeling of joy! Thank you Father for everything that you do. All the gifts you give and all the plans that you always have for us! May your will be done! In jesus name, amen.❤ (one more thing, Kyle) I truly believe that God gives us these things for a reason. I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when I was 15, and I also have a cousin that has autism. It will never be WHO you are. You are sooo SO much more than your “illness”. Which is actually a “blurse”..a blessing and a curse. Everything always happens for a reason❤ and God is good! He loves us all so much keep doing what you’re doing!

  • gemma Says:

    Hello Kyle,

    I sat next to you at the Connections through Music Workshop yesterday. I thought your voice was incredible when you were demonstrating the ‘jumping’ poppy seeds on the drum. I have just listened to your sample tracks and they are incredible! What a talent you have! All the best for the future.

  • Paulo Says:

    Amamos todas as musicas…….parabéns ao Kile….nosso filho tem 21 anos é asperger….muito parecido com este artista maravilhoso…que dom Magnifico….sucesso…um abraço….

  • Iye Says:

    Ure unique boy,autistic children love music therapy a lot.It brings out their happiness.This is based on my experience with some SEN children.Let’s encourage them develop their areas of interest.Welldone Kyle!

  • Susan Says:

    Hi Kyle,
    I just heart your song. I got tingles in my right leg and found out it was your Guardian Angel connecting with me.

  • Alan Wyatt Says:

    Hi Kyle, I saw you perform at Hannahs Beer and Musical Festival on Sunday 17th August 2014 and you you were great!

  • Lilly Says:

    Hi Kyle,

    Just seen you at Blue Light Day today. You’re so brilliant! 🙂 the songs are so beautiful 🙂

    Liskeard, Cornwall UK

  • Margarete Kakumu Says:

    Wonderful!! Kyle your story inspires hope!
    Congratulations for your talent!

  • Zed Says:

    Hi Kyle, I bought you song “Come Walk With Me”. I love it!!!

  • paolaics Says:

    You are special!! <3

  • James Says:

    This may seem like an odd question but did you ever live in the Andover area, in the south? I came across Kyle’s story and was amazed by it, but couldn’t help feeling like I recognised him! I used to run the Trax club at Andover Mencap, for 15+ and thought maybe I recognised Kyle from this?
    Either way… His story is so wonderful and inspiring, and I will definitely be showing others. I work as a teacher in a Specialist SEN school now and I think Kyle’s story could be a huge inspiration to some of our students.
    Keep up the good work Kyle!

  • pollo Says:

    BRAVO, great voice

  • Alex Says:

    Congratulazioni! Ottima musica!

  • nick Says:

    Great voice !!

  • Josi Says:

    I’ve just played Standing On Solid Ground to my son (who has Aspergers). “Pretty good” he said (which is praise indeed coming from him!!!). You are an inspiration.

  • Massimiliano Says:

    Bravo!!! Un grande 🙂

  • Melissa Greenwood Says:

    Fantastic music Kyle. I loved Standing On Solid Ground. Great Vid too! Look forward to hearing the rest of the album. Great work by you and everyone who’s worked with you to create this great track!

    All best wishes
    Melissa, Surrey

  • Ashley Says:

    Hi Kyle, awesome song, really loved it! Congratulations!

  • Aunty Donna Smith Says:

    Hey Kyle . You have always been a star to me – now the whole world can see how amazing you are xx

  • Lizzy Says:

    Wonderful! Keep up the good work Kyle.

  • Sharon Says:

    Hey Kyle, I have just listened to Standing on Solid Ground, I am in awe of your talent 🙂
    Our son has Autism also – he also never fails to make me smile and be proud of him.
    Keep doing what you are doing and make people say “I want to hear more”. I know I do 🙂
    Hugs and fondest wishes, The Langleys, Bristol x

  • Riz1 Says:

    Great voice, you will be a star soon.
    Can you write your next song to inspire my little baby, she has autism too.
    P.S. All the little babies.

  • Moderator Says:

    Hi Kim,

    You can download it from ITunes, Amazon and it will be available at the end of April has a hard copy and you can order it direct from Kyle’s website. Best regards. Caroline.

  • Kim Says:

    Just watched the Standing on Solid Ground video — so INSPIRING! THANK YOU!!!

    What a gift, thank you!!!!

    Would love it if you ever came to the US, can’t wait for more! Can I buy this on iTunes or somewhere? Would love to mown it so we could watch it over and over.

    So Beautiful! One of the highlights of my life. Thank you.

  • Angie Says:

    I am hooked!!! Come to the states!!!

  • Lois-Ann Says:

    what an amazing young man 🙂

  • Sarah Says:

    great news 🙂

  • Alyssa Says:

    Kyle, if you and your family ever want to visit the states, you can crash at my place, play Legos and XBox with my son (Aspergers) and listen to music. So proud of you! Great Job!!!!

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