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Just Listen – The Single – Review by Robin Bates

Music therapist, Robin Bates writes about Kyles debut single ‘Just Listen’

When the exuberant doo-be-doos break through in a triumphant major key at the end of the song Just Listen, it sent shivers up my spine. Not only is this a triumph in terms of music, it carries a massive personal triumph too for its singer Kyle Coleman. It’s the story of a young man who would not yield to the heavy hand of autism, who used his musical spirit to defeat the difficulties in his life, whose will to play music swept all before it. The final joyous doo-be-doos are a victory dance which will thrill ears and hearts and live in the memory a long time.

The musicianship and production of Just Listen are of Brit Awards standard and I have no doubt that this song and the story at its heart it will change lives.

The way you sing and the way you play music reveals all of what you are; music carries and protects all your secrets. Hear the message of Just Listen and you’ll have gold in your pockets for the rest of your life.

Those who listen will hear.

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Mar 14

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